Monday, January 14th 2013


image“Pennsylvania’s biggest wind farm is up and running, its owners announced Tuesday.

The $250 million project, which consists of 88 wind turbine generators across a 9,000-acre stretch of Wyoming County from Noxen to Mehoopany, is expected to generate enough electricity to power 40,000 homes annually.

“As BP Wind Energy’s communications director, I am very proud of the team’s efforts to get the project up and running,” Amanda Abbott, director of government and public affairs for the company, said in an email. “On behalf of BP and our partner, Sempra U.S. Gas & Power, we are grateful for the support of the local community and its leaders whose efforts enabled us to build the largest wind farm in the state.”

Although construction of the wind farm started in August, the project has been on the companies’ books since at least 2006.

The companies expect to employ 10 to 15 people to monitor and maintain the facility. During peak construction, more than 400 people were employed – including rattlesnake wranglers to ensure none of the protected species were harmed in the process.

“We appreciate the ongoing support that we have received at both the state and local level and look forward to a long-term partnership in the community,” John Graham, president and CEO of BP Wind Energy, said in a statement.

The energy generated by the wind farm is being sold under long-term purchase agreements through the National Renewables Cooperative Organization to Old Dominion Electric Cooperative in Virginia and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Inc.

“This is a great project all the way around,” said Jeffrey W. Martin, president and CEO of Sempra U.S. Gas & Power. “The state of Pennsylvania has been a recognized leader in providing critical fuels to help grow our nation’s economy for over a century. This project continues in that proud tradition by harnessing clean, sustainable wind energy that will benefit mid-Atlantic customers for decades to come.””


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