Thursday, March 19th 2015

From the always-informative

992660070_6c44f12eeaWest Whiteland Sen. Andy Dinniman has joined Montgomery County Sen. John Rafferty in introducing a pipeline impact fee through Senate Bill 557 based on pipeline right-of-way acreage, according a PA Environment Digest report.

“Throughout Pennsylvania, residents have been affected by the construction of natural gas lines. With the surge in natural gas drilling, many residents of Pennsylvania are experiencing the effects of the growth in this industry,” Rafferty said in the article. “… Although the  construction of this energy infrastructure is often done very efficiently, many communities experience a period of reduced quality of life and long-term impacts to the environment as a result of the construction process. Increased traffic congestion, noise, environmental impacts and associated safety risks are experienced by those who live, work or commute in proximity to these projects.”

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