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Author: Andrew Maykuth,

Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission has approved Peco Energy Co.’s plan to spend $427.4 million over the next five years on energy-efficiency programs that aim to reduce overall customer energy use 5 percent by 2021.

The plan, Peco’s third since the state passed an energy-conservation measure known as Act 129 in 2008, would enhance the utility’s Smart Ideas portfolio of energy-saving solutions, including discount low-wattage lighting, energy audits, and incentives for efficient appliances or building retrofits.

The new round of programs aims to reduce energy consumption by nearly 2 million megawatt hours by 2021 and reduce customer demand by 161 megawatts during high-use periods.

Under state law, utilities must demonstrate that the efficiency programs are cost-effective. Peco says that since its program was launched in 2009, more than 600,000 customers have cut energy use by about 2.2 million megawatt hours and saved more than $500 million.