Thursday, March 28th 2013

logo_smartideasPECO recently received approval from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to continue offering PECO Smart Ideas energy efficiency programs in compliance with Phase II of Act 129. Information about existing and new programs can be found on PECO’s website:

Residential Programs:

Current programs continuing after June 1, 2013

  • PECO Smart Home Rebates – This program will provide rebates for the purchase of eligible, energy efficient refrigerators, air conditioners, hot water heaters, HVAC equipment and pool pumps.
  • PECO Smart Appliance Recycling – This program picks up and recycles older, working refrigerators and freezers and will provide a rebate to eligible customers.
  • PECO Smart Lighting Discounts – This program will continue to provide in-store discounts on your purchases of eligible CFL and LED bulbs. A complete list of eligible products and list of retailers will be provided this June.
  • PECO Low Income Energy Efficiency (LEEP) – This program educates and assists income eligible residential customers on reducing energy usage by installing CFL bulbs, refrigerators and HVAC equipment as appropriate.

New programs being added after June 1, 2013

  • PECO Smart House Call – This new program provides a walk through energy assessment to all PECO electric residential customers. In addition, all PECO residential electric heat customers are eligible for a comprehensive energy audit including blower door test and available rebates for weatherization measures such as attic insulation and duct sealing. The program also includes direct install measures such as CFL bulbs and advanced power strips for all audits and assessments as appropriate.
  • PECO Smart Usage Profile – This new targeted residential program delivers customized home energy usage reports only to residential customers using more than 14,000 kiloWatt-hours (kWh) annually. Customers are automatically included in the program based on usage. Available only to qualifying customers.
  • PECO Smart Energy Saver – This new targeted residential program educates students grades 5-7 about energy efficiency with curriculum and “take-home” energy savings kits.
  • PECO Smart Builder Rebates – This new program targets builders of new or completely renovated single-family, electric heated homes and offers incentives to builders and developers to incorporate energy efficiency into their designs.

Commercial Programs

More information is available on