Friday, May 1st 2015


powerwallTesla Motors CEO Elon Musk officially announced two battery backup solutions, one for homes and one for industrial use, at an event at the company’s Southern California design studio. The lithium-ion battery modules can store electricity from solar panels and serve to balance loads from the grid, charging up during non-peak energy usage hours, then providing energy to a home or facility during peak hours.

Homeowners will be able to get the Powerwall, which Tesla will sell in 7 and 10 kilowatt-hour modules. Musk said that certified installers could buy the smaller pack for $3,000 and the larger pack for $3,500 (UK and Australian details were not announced).

For industrial applications, Tesla offers the Powerpack, sold in 100 kilowatt-hour modules at $25,000 each. Musk said that Tesla would work with industrial customers on these installations. The battery backup systems come under a new product line at Tesla called Tesla Energy.