Tuesday, June 24th 2014

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled that recently announced plans to limit CO2 emissions from power plants was a valid and legal effort by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This means that, barring additional legal challenge, the EPA will move forward with its plan to reduce Pennsylvania power plant emissions by 32% over the next 15 years by allowing the Commonwealth to create and implement its own emissions reduction strategy.

From the Washington Post:

CoalPlant011401645250“The Supreme Court on Monday mostly validated the Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to regulate major sources of greenhouse-gas emissions such as power plants and factories but said the agency had gone too far in interpreting its power.

The court’s bifurcated opinion on one hand criticized the agency for trying to rewrite provisions of the Clean Air Act. But it nevertheless granted the Obama administration and environmentalists a big victory by agreeing that there are other ways for the EPA to reach its goal of regulating the gases that contribute to global warming.”

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