Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

From StateImpact PA:

credit-paul-j-everett-flickr2Pennsylvania would be required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 32 percent over the next 15 years under new federal regulations announced on Monday.

It is the first time the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed regulations specifically aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions generated by the nation’s power plants. And it is one of the Obama administration’s key initiatives to address climate change.

“The overall goal is a 30 percent reduction in emissions nationwide by the year 2030. States will be directed to craft plans to meet their own specific targets. In a conference call with reporters, senior agency officials said the targets are based on a number of factors, including the state’s current energy mix and proximity to natural gas supplies. Click here to see the EPA’s interactive map showing each state’s emission targets.

The agency’s emphasis on flexibility for the states was a relief to Jake Smeltz, president of Pennsylvania’s Electric Power Generation Association, an industry trade group.

“We didn’t want a command and control approach,” Smeltz said. “What we wanted and asked for is that each state be the driver. Let the federal government create the target and let state governments figure out how to reach it.”

New focus on energy efficiency, natural gas and renewables

Smeltz predicts Pennsylvania will get credit for the efforts it has already made to lower emissions, beef up energy efficiency programs and see more power plants switching from coal to natural gas.

Today’s proposal is the latest in a suite of new regulations aimed at power plants. Last fall, the agency proposed rules to limit emissions from all future power plants.”

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