SEI would like to remind our members to celebrate World Geothermal Day on October 17, 2023!

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World Geothermal Energy Day is October 17, Annually

  • Showcasing Geothermal Success around the Globe
  • People engaging together with ideas, interaction, commemoration, recognition and education.
  • A celebration of geothermal and the people who make it happen.
  • Highlighting the environmentally friendly benefits of renewable geothermal energy, worldwide.
  • Renewable, reimagined, re-engineered; a net-zero carbon system.

On October 17th, consider:

1) Commissioning and starting up your new Geothermal System on World Geothermal Energy Day for maximum media attention.

2) Sign your new deal for a Geothermal Installation on World Geothermal Energy Day for maximum social media outreach.

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 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Praises Eavor’s Technology

Alberta Minister of Environment and Protected Areas Rebecca Schulz promotes Eavor-Loop™ technology in Germany

 Startups Are Shaking Up Geothermal Power’s Prospects

How the Salton Sea could supply enough lithium to meet total U.S. demand

Geothermal Coming of Age: A Short History

Drilling starts for the first commercial Eavor-Loop in Geretsried, Germany

 Advancing Geothermal Energy

Who are we?


Eavor Loop visit | Scholz pledges 10 times more geothermal heating by 2030

Eavor signs agreement for Eavor-Loop geothermal project in Northern California

Eavor Technology reports validation of its Eavor-loop scalable geothermal technology

UPCOMING EVENTS (please let us know of any upcoming events that we should share)

 World Geothermal Congress 2023 September 14 to 23


Geothermal Rising Conference 1-4 October 2023 in Reno, Nevada.

IGSHPA Annual Conference December 5 – 7, 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada Convention Center.

2023 is also NGWA’s 75th anniversary.