Energy efficiency can be difficult to conceptualize — there’s no representative gadget like a solar panel or wind turbine. Rather, it’s a collection of technologies and strategies involving our houses, businesses, transportation, and behavior that produce the same energy “service” (i.e. lighting an office, heating a home, etc.) while using less energy.

Efficiency is by far the most cost-effective way of reducing energy usage and costs. It is vital that efficiency be addressed before a home or business considers renewable generation such as solar. 

All efficiency projects pay for themselves over time through avoided energy costs, but there are many innovative ways to cover up-front costs of these projects. For more on incentives check out our Energy Efficiency Resources page.

SEI’s Energy Efficiency Working Group includes:

  • Building Performance Architecture
  • EnergyScore
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions, LLC
  • Krug Architects
  • Practical Energy Solutions
  • Union Community Bank